Joyce Weinstein Fine Art


I was born and grew up in Brooklyn way before it was “Brooklyn”!! , and I was always happy and proud of the fact that I did. Even back then it felt like a special place to me.

I studied Art History in Rome through an NYU program and while there, I also absorbed Italian art and culture in its various forms. After obtaining my B.A. from NYU, I returned to Italy for several years working as a jewelry designer for Damiani and Gori and Zucchi. Upon returning to New York, I continued in the jewelry field designing for such companies as Judith Jack, Judith Ripka and Swarowski . Although I enjoyed my work, I had a desire to express myself creatively through other media. Ever since I was a child, I always enjoyed the pleasure of making a piece of paper come alive with color, and several years ago I began to take classes at the Art Students League. Over the years I experimented with different media. I started with life drawing, then moved on to pastels, and recently, I turned to oil painting.

After living in Greenwich Village for many years, I returned to Brooklyn a few years ago to live in Park Slope. Since most of my paintings are landscapes, I cherish the opportunity to stroll through Prospect Park and the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, both of which have become wonderful sources of inspiration for me. In addition, during the last few years, Turner’s influence on me has become stronger. I try to keep his paintings in mind since his work bridges the real and unreal and the clearly stated and unstated. I too, like to suggest feelings without being too obvious, thus allowing the viewer to fill in the gaps and form their own opinions.